Akashic Records: Learn, Grow and Teach from a Soul Level through the Book of Life

Akashic Records Consultants International L.L.C.(ARCI) is a dynamic global organization dedicated to the expanded awareness of connection to Source through the teachings and wisdom of the Akashic Records. ARCI trains and assists those who wish to expand their consciousness in order to make clear and aware choices in their lives. For those who are called to work with ARCI to become certified consultants and teachers, we offer a course of study in this powerful and ancient method.

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stock-illustration-14837579-tranquil-loveAkashic Record consultations are given in person or over the phone. All persons listed on this page are ARCI certified consultants and/or Teachers.

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Learn to Access Your Records


Learn to access your Akashic Records using the Sacred Prayer. Levels 1 - 4 bring you deeper understanding of your soul's purpose.

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Certification Programs

Certified Consultants Program


Are you called to create a life of service and a heartfelt business at the same time? Become deeply imbued with the process of opening the Akashic Records to assist and support others. The ARCI Consultant Certification Program offers you a series of classes designed to deepen and intensify your abilities to integrate the wisdom of the Akashic Records. Learn more....

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Certified Teachers Program


Extend your consultant certification into greater expansion and depth. The ARCI Teacher Certification Program is devoted to classes that identify within each participant the true worth of holding this awareness for life transformation. Your dedication becomes clear and unshakeable.  Learn more...

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Fri Apr 25 @ 8:00AM - 05:00PM
Level III Akashic Records Class
Sat Apr 26 @ 8:00AM - 05:00PM
day @ Level III
Sun Apr 27 @ 8:00AM - 05:00PM
day 3 of Level III